Rubenstein Says Gates Should Convince Trump of Climate Change

Rubenstein Says Gates Should Convince Trump of Climate Change October 19, 2019

I like the television program “The David Rubenstein Show: Peer to Peer Conversations.” Rubenstein has a wit that is so common to a lot of Jewish people. In David’s case, it is quite a dry wit. Have you ever pondered how many great American comedians have been Jewish? It’s astonishing. I don’t know what they’re drinking, but I’d like to have some of it.

Today, Rubenstein was interviewing one of the richest men on the planet–Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft and who hails from my birthplace of Seattle, Washington. (I’m writing this blog post with Microsoft Word.) The interview was mostly about how Bill Gates and his wife are doing so much good around the world with their philanthropic activities through their Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

I believe as most expert scientists claim that humans are causing an increase in global warming due mostly to creating emissions from burning fossil fuels. I have blogged many times about how the last book in the Bible predicts that at the end of the age God will take hold of his “great power” and be “destroying those who destroy the earth” (Revelation 11.17-18 NRSV).

Rubenstein asked Gates what he was doing through innovation to try to reduce human-induced global warming. Rubenstein kept referring to it with the popular but rather nebulous term “climate change.” David asked Bill, “Why do some people believe there isn’t any climate change? I won’t mention any names.” He obviously was referring to the most important person on the planet who denies human-caused global warming and is very vocal about it–Donald Trump. Gates seemed to not want to answer the question because he views it as a sure fact. Nevertheless, Gates did answer that people need to read the science about it. I would have answered, “People need to read.”

Donald Trump has now said publicly or tweeted three times since he has been the U.S. president that he is a “stable genius.” Last week, he also said in the context of discussing his recent and controversial phone call to Turkey President Erdogan that he, Trump, has “great and unmatched wisdom.” I would say Trump has “great and unmatched hubris.” Yet Donald Trump admits that he does not read books. Many people who know him well claim he can’t sit still long enough to read a book and that he has a short attention span. Folks, you can’t be a very smart and well-informed person if you don’t read nonfiction books.

David Rubenstein then suggested to Bill Gates that he should get together with President Trump, as if peer to peer, and try to convince Mr. Trump that there really is climate change. Gates hardly broke a smile when he replied humorously, “Someone else should do that.”

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