Anticipated Trump Mid-East Peace Plan

Anticipated Trump Mid-East Peace Plan January 25, 2020

U.S. President Donald Trump announced Thursday that he will “soon” reveal his long-awaited, so-called, peace plan for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Yet last year, Palestinians denounced the Trump administration as an unsuitable peace broker. Yet the U.S. had been the sole peace broker of this conflict for decades.

President Trump also invited to the White House next week both Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his chief political rival and former Israeli general Benny Gantz for discussions about Trump’s peace plan.

Leaks about Trump’s peace initiative reveal that its primary proposal is for Israel to annex the entire Jordan Valley portion of the Israeli-occupied West Bank. Some Palestinian leaders say this in itself could cause Palestinians to undertake another Intifada. Also reportedly included in Trump’s plan is for Israel to maintain “sovereign control” of all 121 Jewish settlements in the West Bank and all of Jerusalem, thus including East Jerusalem which Palestinians claim should be their capital of a future Palestinian state.

Trump’s peace plan also requires that the Gaza Strip be stripped of any armaments and that its governing officials (of Hamas) renounce all terrorism.

So, Trump’s peace plan is extremely one-sided, favoring Israelis and devoid of any input from Palestinians regarding their aspirations of a sovereign, Palestinian state.

I wrote a book about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that was published thirty years ago and entitled Palestine Is Coming: The Revival of Ancient Philistia. In this book, I predict on the basis of my interpretations of ten prophecies in the Jewish Bible (=Old Testament) that there will be a Palestinian state, that it will be located solely on the coastal plain as a expanded Gaza Strip and revival of ancient Philistia (repeatedly called “the land of the Philistines” in the Jewish Bible), and that Israeli will annex all of the West Bank.

Events over the past thirty years have been moving in the direction that I lay out in this book. Click here to see a list of those events and to read for free online half of this book, which involves my explanation of those scriptures.

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