Mormon Romney Shamed Evangelicals Regarding Trump

Mormon Romney Shamed Evangelicals Regarding Trump February 7, 2020

This week the U.S. Senate voted not to remove President Trump from office while Mitt Romney–a devout Mormon, former CEO of Staples, former governor of Masschusetts, who was the Republican nominee in the 2012 presidential election and is now a senator from Utah–was the sole Republican in the Republican-controlled Senate who voted to remove the president for abuse of power. Romney gave a speech on the Senate floor yesterday revealing why he so voted to remove Trump. He cited his relationship with God and his conscience as the two prime sources motivating him to cast his vote in opposition to his political party, a party he had led in 2012.

Romney’s lone vote against Trump was in stark contrast to the votes of all those other Republican senators, some of whom are professing evangelical Christians, who voted to keep Trump in the White House. One was Senator Linsey Graham of South Carolina. He has become a constant companion of President Trump, even a golf partner.

Yet Lindsey had declared during the 2016 presidential campaign concerning Donald Trump, “I think he’s a kook. I think he’s crazy. I think he’s unfit for office.” Graham continued at that time, “I’m a Republican, and he’s not. He’s not a conservative Republican, he’s an opportunist. He’s not fit to be president of the United States.”

It seems that Graham is also a political opportunist by saying that back then and constantly defending the indefensible Donald Trump as president for the past three years. For example, Graham said yesterday of Romney’s speech and the Democratically-controlled House impeachment of Trump, “It was politically driven. It was driven by people who are not looking for the truth.”

What? The Democrats called for witnesses, especially Trump’s former National Security Director John Bolton who has a book coming out saying Trump did indeed withhold nearly $400 in aid to Ukraine to get political dirt on his opponent Joe Biden. And Bolton said he would testify before the Senate if subpoenaed to do so. Yet the Republican senators controlled in Senate in not allowing any witnesses. Thus, this vote not to remove Trump this week was not really a trial since witnesses were not allowed.

Graham also said he is religious and that God gave him common sense and free will. He then said of the impeachment of President Donald Trump, “I used the common sense God gave me to see this was a bunch of B.S.” He also said, “if you can’t see through this your religion is clouding your thinking, here.” Yeah, sure.

Who was “looking for the truth”? It was not Mr. Graham and his other Republican colleagues, excepting Romney, since they refused to hear from witnesses. Romney was the man looking for the truth, and Graham was not. Same with all the other Republican senators who claim religious faith. Since the vote was taken this week, Democrats have rightly called it a “cover-up trial” since witnesses were refused.

The Pew Research Center polled people right after the 2016 presidential election, which Donald Trump won. That poll showed that 81% of all professing evangelical Christians who voted for president in that election said they voted for Donald Trump. Yet their Republican senators did not witnesses in the trial the past several days of Trump. It seems Evangelicals do not want the truth, yet the Mormon does.

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