Trump Rally Falters

Trump Rally Falters June 21, 2020

Last night, President Donald Trump held his first political rally since COVID-19 struck with a vengeance nearly four months ago. For days prior to this rally, Trump campaign staff had claimed that over 1 million people had requested tickets for seats in the 19,000-seat arena called BOK Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The campaign was not selling the tickets; rather, it was just offering them free. It appears they did that merely to try to make it a marketing scheme so that they could brag about how many people were going to show up for the event. And they sure were talking about all those tickets.

Well, whatever the campaign team’s plan was for distributing tickets, it back-fired. The event was a bust. Less than two thirds of the arena seats reportedly were filled with people while Trump spoke. Thus, perhaps only about 10,000 people attended the rally.

What happened? K-pop fans and Tik Tokers had schemed together in advance by asking for the tickets. Ha! Trump got trolled by the kids.

President Trump had chosen to hold his first political rally–for the presidential election this coming November–in Tulsa because Oklahoma voted Republican in the last presidential election, and that state is considered to be part of “Trump country.”

Moreover, the young jokester kids threw the Trump campaign off so bad that officials had rented another facility near the BOK Center where they had announced that the overflow crowd could assemble and President Trump and his Vice President Mike Pence would come there after the rally at BOK Center and speak to them. No such crowd showed up there, so the appearance of Trump and Pence there was cancelled.

Trump campaign officials alleged that protestors had blocked gates entering the BOK Center. But media reporting says that was untrue. I think if that would have happened, we would know it for sure with videos showing scenes of TV about it. For, Trump had lots of toughs there to bounce troublemakers on the ears. He had announced before the event that protestors would be handled.

During Trump’s speech last night to his adoring fans, he made some remarks about COVID-19, which has killed 120,000 U.S. citizens in only four months and thrown the nation into the worst recession since the great Depression. Now, U.S. health authorities recommend that everyone wear masks in public to help decrease the spread of this disease, which is very contagious between people. Yet Mr. Trump refuses to wear a mask in public and therefore has never been seen wearing one. It sets a poor example for the country and is in contrast to China’s President Xi, who his seen in media pictures and video constantly wearing a mask in public. China is where this virus originated.

President Trump has downplayed this COVID-19 constantly, especially early on when he said it would soon be gone and forgotten. In his speech last night, Trump compared COVID-19 to “sniffles.” He further called it the “Kung flu,” thus showing the opposite of remorse for the 120,000 people who have died from it. He called it “double-edged sword” because the more the testing for this disease, the more the numbers in cases that are recorded. The U.S. now has had over 2 million people who have tested positive with COVID-19. Trump disdains those numbers, claiming they are over-inflated. The reason he does that is that he believes that makes him look bad as the nation’s leader. With Trump, its all about appearances and reputation.

Thus, Trump admitted last night, “So I said to my people, slow the testing down please.” He has been highly criticized in media for saying that. So, Trump’s campaign officials are claiming his was only “he was obviously kidding.” Yeah, sure! I would bet that he really said that to some of his people. Whether he meant it or not is not the point. That is his mindset. In other words, Trump doesn’t really care about all these Americans who are dying from COVID-19; the classic narcissist just cares about how it makes him look.

How many times since Donald Trump has been president these past 3.5 years have he and his handlers covered for stupid remarks Trump has made by claiming he said them in jest? By now, Americans should wake up and see that Donald Trump is a great big liar. Maybe his meager turnout last night at Tulsa’s BOK Center is an indication that Americans are indeed waking up to see what the true character of this man is and his ineptness at trying to be the president of the leading superpower nation in the world.

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