Is that Benedict Donald in the White House?

Is that Benedict Donald in the White House? July 4, 2020

Yesterday, a political group of military veterans called VoteVets aired a TV ad calling President Donald Trump “Benedict Donald–America’s number one traitor.” It says in a voiceover, “No one has betrayed those in uniform like Donald Trump.” I do think he’s a draft dodger, making him such a hypocrite to be commander-in-chief. But what about this–the new Benedict Arnold? I’m a vet, and this makes me cringe. Benedict Arnold was the greatest traitor of the U.S. ever, which occurred in the American Revolutionary War.

The ad, lasting 65 seconds, highlights President Trump’s strange attraction to Russia’s President Vladimir Putin and Trump’s denial this week about any knowledge of Russia’s GRU paying bounties to the Taliban, or criminals associated with them, to knock off our troops in Afghanistan. Yet it is confirmed that this information was in the President’s Daily Briefing/Bulletin (PDB) that President Trump supposedly doesn’t read, which in itself is a dereliction of duty in my opinion. It is supposedly because he doesn’t like to read, or he can’t sit still long enough to read (in which case that should have disqualified him from the presidency in the first place), or he doesn’t trust our intelligence. That last item is reason enough to get rid of him.

It is a mystery to me as to how, during Donald Trump’s entire 3.5-year presidency, Putin has had The Donald in his back pocket. That looks like the Steele dossier was right about Trump, or it’s just that Trump did a lot of Russian money laundering which might be ascertained from his income tax returns he desperately tries to withhold from the American public.

Trump loves to play golf and owns some prize golf real estate. You can tell if a man cheats on his income tax returns merely by playing golf with him. Some people who have played golf with Trump testify to this about him.

The VoteVets ad features Trump’s hoopla celebration last night at Mount Rushmore, where Trump has said he wanted to become the fifth member of those carvings in the mountain of Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and Roosevelt. What a joke! Trump is the worst U.S. president in my lifetime.

The ad ends by a voiceover saying, “This July Fourth, Benedict Arnold can step aside, because Benedict Donald is America’s number one traitor.” What do you think? Is that Benedict Donald in the White House?

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