Is There a Mass Murderer in the White House?

Is There a Mass Murderer in the White House? July 3, 2020

Chris Cuomo is the younger brother of New York’s Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo. Their father was that state’s governor for three terms. Chris is a journalist who has his popular Cuomo Prime Time news program on CNN every weeknight.

U.S. President Donald Trump tweeted Wednesday, belittling Chris Cuomo’s recent TV ratings and calling him “Fredo.” I understand it refers to a character in the Godfather movie. That shows where I think Trump’s interests lie–watching the Godfather movie. I think he sometimes talks like a mobster and thinks like a mobster.

I’m just amazed that Donald Trump is the president of the USA. He has fumbled the ball so badly in leadership of this country that people around the world are now talking about a “post-United States world.” In my opinion, Trump is the worst embarrassment to the world as a U.S. president during my lifetime by far and maybe ever.

One of Trump’s worst mishaps, if not the worst, is his handling of this coronavirus pandemic. Back when it started to spread in the U.S., Trump made all kinds of ridiculous statements about it–as if he has a crystal ball or he is omniscient–saying this virus pandemic would soon go away soon like “a miracle.” Yesterday, he said more of the same. He said it will soon “disappear.” Yet graphs show the number of cases of our citizens contracting COVID-19 have been rising for at least the past two weeks, now more than ever at 55,000+ per day. The death toll from this virus, in only four months, is 130,000. Yet Trump lies and lies about it in the face of clear facts.

So, President Trump stoops so low as to make disparaging comments about political analyst Chris Cu0mo instead of doing his job by telling the American people how he is taking leadership in trying to control this terrible health crisis. Instead, he pretty much ignores it, turning it over to his lap dog Vice President Mike Pence, who also lied like Trump does in saying on TV yesterday that the country is overcoming COVID-19.

In fact, President Trump announced months ago that handling this health crisis was not his “responsibility,” but the state governors’ responsibility. That in itself should have caused the American people to immediately get rid of this guy. President Truman, who took us through the end of WWII, said of his job as president, “the buck stops here.” It’s not true of Donald Trump. He shirks responsibility. In my opinion, it’s a coward who does that, especially when you’ve got that kind of responsibility. He thinks he’s a tough president. Baloney! The evidence shows he’s likely a draft dodger and here.

Many researchers now say that ten’s of thousands of American lives would have been saved if the U.S. leadership, starting with President Donald Trump, would have acted just two weeks earlier in trying to curtail this coronavirus. I think that places a huge responsibility on President Trump, making him look like a mobster mass murderer in the White House! American needs to wake up and throw the bum out come November.

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