COVID Deniers or COVID Idiots?

COVID Deniers or COVID Idiots? November 18, 2020

Even though this current novel coronavirus, designated COVID-19, is surging into this winter and has killed over 250,000 Americans in the past nine months, there are still many Americans who deny the existence of it and therefore refuse to wear masks and do social distancing as both medical and political authorities advise.

Many of these Covid deniers are also climate deniers, meaning they deny that man-made greenhouse gases have contributed to the nearly two percent increase in Earth’s atmospheric temperature since the Industrial Revolution began in the latter part of the 18th century. This rise in temperature is an absolute fact proved by science. Both types of people–Covid deniers and climate deniers–largely reject science. To be perfectly frank about this, it is STUPID to reject natural science that deals with physical facts.

Why are people deniers like this? Many of them lack education and therefore have not trained themselves to be taught by qualified experts, such as people of professional fields. Instead, they listen to others like themselves and use social media platforms, such as Facebook via a smartphone or computer, to learn from non-experts who promote conspiracy theories.

But the main reason these Covid deniers and climate deniers in the U.S. are rejecting science is that these issues have been politicized by many members of the Republican Party, starting with its chief–President Donald Trump, who admits he doesn’t read books. You can’t be a smart person without reading nonfiction books written by experts. Trump claiming he is a “stable genius” is hogwash!

Donald Trump has been a climate denier since before he was president. When he campaigned for the presidency, during 2015-1016, he publicly denied global warming, even mocking climate scientists for alleging it, and promised that if became president he would “bring back coal.” Yet, look what is happening now regarding fossil fuels in the marketplace. Renewable energy is becoming cheaper than energy derived from the burning of petroleum or coal. It’s just that the world isn’t yet able to produce enough renewable energy to replace the burning of fossil fuels. But it will. Just give it time.

Furthermore, governments the world over are legislating that there will be no more combustion engine vehicles produced past a certain year, such as 2040 or 2035. And these projected years are even coming down, such as to 2030. All of this is happening because these governments are committed to the belief in global warming.

Furthermore, the investment community is being impacted from global warming as well. Fund managers are reconsidering buying stock in oil companies and other companies that contribute to global warming.

Thus, Donald Trump claiming to “bring back coal” is looking pretty stupid, even by the darlings on Wall Street whom Trump is always touting.

Many of these Covid deniers were saying that as soon as we got past the presidential Election on November 3rd this year, “this covid thing will go away.” They meant that it was a false story created by the media, which they called FAKE NEWS by echoing their leader President Donald Trump.

Oh yeah! Well, look at it now. The U.S. was having an average of about 50,000 new cases of Covid reported each day by authority Johns Hopkins University throughout the summer; but in recent days, thus since the Election, that number has spiked to almost 150,000 per day. If it is argued that deaths haven’t gone up, leveling at about 1,000 per day, the main reason for that is the recent increase in more ventilators and treatments. And we have state governors disagreeing about mandating the wearing of masks. Folks, wearing a mask or face shield helps a lot in preventing the spread of a coronavirus.

In my book, Moses Predicted COVID-19 (published July 1,2020), I relate history about the nine major epidemics or pandemics the world suffered in the past 102 years due to viruses caused by animals, thus from the Spanish Flu of WWII to the present COVID-19. I tell how many of these health crises had a second or a third wave in the wintertime that was more devastating than prior ones. In fact, with the so-called Spanish Flu (it didn’t originate in Spain and wasn’t even prevalent there compared to rest of Europe), it began

Here is an exert from my book (p. 21) concerning the Spanish Flu, which killed an estimated 50-100 million people worldwide: “The Influenza Pandemic of 1918 was so devastating due to its virulent genetic code, and it had three waves. The first wave was not as bad. In fact, by the summer of 1918, medical authorities announced that it had disappeared. But that fall it struck with a vengeance in a second wave, the worst of all. The third wave came in January, 1919. By spring that year, it was completely gone.

“Many U.S. states passed laws requiring people to wear face masks in public to help prevent spreading this flu. San Francisco imposed fines on lawbreakers. It sometimes resulted in arrests and public mass protests. Yet the war effort took precedence over fighting this flu.”

So, people who have been saying COVID-19 would be gone after the Election because the whole thing was fake news are, to put it politely, Covid Deniers, but to put it bluntly, Covid Idiots! President Trump was saying earlier this year that he wouldn’t wear a Covid mask because he didn’t like the “look.” In other words, it made people look silly or stupid. Well, I say if you don’t wear a mask out in public gatherings indoors, you look stupid because COVID-19 is for real and it is killing lots of people because people won’t wear masks or be careful by social distancing.




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