China to Decrease Muslim Births

China to Decrease Muslim Births May 11, 2021

China has a Muslim population of 11 million people in its Xinjiang province in the far northwest. They are mostly of Uighur descent from Eastern Turkey. China has been oppressing the Uighurs unmercifully for the past few years. China says they must crack down on Uighurs because they foment terrorism and radicalism/extremism.

China has “re-education” camps for Uighurs in Xinjiang. The Chinese Embassy in the UK explained concerning them, “Since the measures have been taken, there’s no single terrorist incident in the past three years. Xinjiang again turns into a prosperous, beautiful and peaceful region.”

Now, China is trying to limit births among the Uighurs while changing its policy toward Chinese in general by encouraging more births. Thus, China is forcing Uighur women to have an implanted contraceptive device or be sterilized.

I believe something must be done to try to stop Muslim terrorism around the world. However, I think the place to start is concerning the Qur’an. Why? That is the main source of Muslim terrorism. I have blogged extensively about this. (See “Does the Qur’an Promote Violence?“; “Are Muslims Being Radicalized with the Qur’an?“; “Did El-Sisi Say Revise the Qur’an?“; “El-Sisi Is Not the Only Muslim Questioning the Qur’an“; “Jihad Watch Featured My Post about the Qur’an.”) Many verses in the Qur’an encourage violence. Of course, it’s how you interpret it. Muslim terrorists take it literally and claim that anyone who objects is not a faithful Muslim.

I question if some of these violent texts in the Qur’an actually came from the prophet Muhammed. Islam tradition maintains that the entire Qur’an originated with Muhammed. I wonder; Muhammed supposedly was illiterate.

Researching the origin of ancient texts can prove to be a very difficult enterprise. At the very least, there needs to be even more widespread discussion about these Qur’an texts between Muslim authorities and the international community, perhaps even including government leaders. After all, if government leaders, such as the Chinese Communist Party, are oppressing Muslims because of how their Qur’an affects some of their people, then government leaders should be involved. But there is a problem here. Governments shy away from analyzing religions and their sacred texts. I think that needs to change, at least regarding Islam because of Islamic terrorism.

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