Maybe Voter Fraud Was More for Trump than Biden

Maybe Voter Fraud Was More for Trump than Biden May 4, 2021

A bare few voter fraud cases have surfaced from the 2020 Election, and it appears that these votes were more for Trump than for Biden. Yet these voter fraud cases only amount to a few dozen throughout the nation. It seems to affirm that former President Donald Trump’s still constant claim that the election, which Biden won, was “stolen” from him due to “voter fraud” is just what it’s being called by most Americans: “the Big Lie”!

Three Republican voters who voted for Trump in the swing state of Pennsylvania–which Joe Biden won by only about 80,000 voters–have been under investigation for voter fraud on last Election Day. Yet there are no voter fraud cases under investigation in Pennsylvania in which the votes were for Joe Biden.

Judge George A. Pagano ruled yesterday on one of these Pennsylvania cases while the other two cases are still pending. Seventy-year old Bruce Bartman faced possible sentencing up to five years in prison. But the judge placed him on probation for the next five years and unable to vote for four years. Bartman had fraudulently requested from Delaware County a mail-in ballot on behalf of his mother, who died in 2008. He then cast the absentee ballot, voting for President Trump, on behalf of his deceased mother.

Bartman pleaded guilt by explaining, “I was isolated last year in lockdown. I listened to too much propaganda and made a stupid mistake.” His attorney, Samuel Stretton, said it was “a very misguided political mistake and very stupid.” Judge Pagano said Bartman’s crime “goes to the heart of our democracy.” But he relented from imprisoning Bartman by saying he penitently admitted his crime, imprisonment would not serve public good, and Bartman had already suffered shame and embarrassment.

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