Trust the Facts–Get the Vax

Trust the Facts–Get the Vax September 7, 2021


On August 8, I posted, “Religious Exemption from Vaccine Mandates Is Morally Wrong.” On August 20 I posted, “Catholic Church Not Supporting Religious Exemption for COVID Vaccine Mandates.”

Today, I learned that former evangelical pastor Curtis Chang, a consulting faculty member at Duke Divinity School, is the co-founder of “Christians and the Vaccine.” They have many videos explaining that neither Christianity nor the Bible advocates opposition to something like the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines for covid that have been approved by our Federal Drug Administration (FDA). Rather, the website argues, as I do in my above post, that taking the vaccine is the morally right thing to do in fulfilling the admonition taught in the Torah and by Jesus, “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.”

The Christians and the Vaccine website addresses arguments and fears that people have about taking these vaccines. Nearly all anti-and non-vaxxers are being dis-informed about covid and these vaccines and thus not believing the true facts about it. Getting the shot(s) is the only way we are really going to beat this pandemic in the next few months if not longer.

[See my book, Moses Predicted COVID-19.]


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