I Get Ticked Off with the Media Saying “Mr. Putin”

I Get Ticked Off with the Media Saying “Mr. Putin” April 4, 2022

Our U.S. media, such as The New York Times, which I like, keeps on calling Russia’s President Vladimir Putin “Mr. Putin” throughout this Putin War in Ukraine, and it just ticks me off! It is a refusal to recognize what calling a man “mister” means. Our U.S. President Joe Biden is right to call him a “butcher” and a “war criminal.” Scumbag, autocrat Putin belongs in a cage with predator wild animals because of his unprovoked war in Ukraine, a democratic nation that has been suffering such atrocious war crimes caused by this man.

The English word “mister” derives from the word “master.” Dictionaries commonly explain that “mister,” which is usually written in its contracted form “Mr.,” is an “honorific” term applied to a man’s surname or full name. Collins’ English Dictionary gives as the first definition of the word mister “a conventional title of respect for a man, prefixed to the name.” Oh, great! Pay respect or give honor to Vladimir Putin by calling him “Mr. Putin.” Get outta here! I’m with Biden on this one. Call him Butcher Putin!

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