Will Trump Get Locked Up?

Will Trump Get Locked Up? July 21, 2022


Television’s Late Night host-comedian Seth Meyers mocked ex-President Donald Trump, a Republican, this evening by saying, “It’s pretty amazing that when Trump ran in 2016 his slogan was ‘lock her up,'” referring to the then Democratic nominee Hilary Clinton. Meyers continued, “And in 2024 it’s going to be, ‘Vote for me or I’m gonna go to jail.'” That’s because of the several investigations of Trump that could turn into prosecution for crimes and result in prison time for him.

But some Republicans, including Trump himself according to some comments he has made lately, think that if Trump is running for president in the 2024 election, and especially if he wins it, there would be an increasing possibility that he would not be prosecuted for crimes perhaps in any of these investigations. I doubt that could be true of the Georgia investigation.

I wrote on my blog more than once when Trump was president that him calling for Clinton to be locked up for practically nothing reminded me of Jesus’ teaching about hypocrites judging others. It’s now in my book, which reads as follows:

“he claimed that former First Lady and Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton—who became his Democratic opponent to win the presidency—had committed a criminal act by using her personal email server and that she should be legally prosecuted for this, judged guilty, and imprisoned. This, too, was a lie. The FBI investigated it and exonerated Clinton of criminal activity prior to the election. Yet at Trump’s political rallies, he often encouraged his supporters to chant loudly of Clinton, ‘lock her up.’

“When Donald Trump exits the White House January 20th, he will face a multitude of legal investigations that could result in criminal charges. They include tax evasion, bank fraud, insurance fraud, money laundering, illegal political campaign donations, and defamation of character. If found guilty, Trump may have the chickens come home to roost by him being locked up instead of Clinton. Again, Jesus said, ‘with the judgment you make you will be judged, and the measure you give will be the measure you get.'”

Former general and Trump’s first National Security Director Michael Flynn was a big instigator at Trump political rallies, inciting the crowd by yelling about Hilary Clinton, “lock her up.” Now, we learned in the last televised House committee hearings that Michael Flynn could himself get locked up for trying to persuade President Trump of conspiracy theories concerning voting machines, etc.

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