Jon Rahm Wins Genesis Invitational

Jon Rahm Wins Genesis Invitational February 19, 2023


Jon Rahm regained the number one ranking in worldwide professional golf today by shooting a two-under par 69 for a 17-under par 267 total to win the PGA Tour’s Genesis Invitational at famed Riviera Country Club in Pacific Palisades in west Los Angeles, California, by two strokes over Max Homa. Rahm birdied the two par threes on the back nine, almost acing the 16th, to take the lead from Homa.

It was Rahm’s third PGA Tour win for this year and his fifth win worldwide in his last nine tournaments. After the win today, Rahm told the media, “it’s a really freaking difficult golf course to finish on. It’s really difficult, and I told myself, if I can finish the last six holes under par–” and that’s what he did. That’s why they call it Hogan’s Alley.

I know. In 1979, I was leading this tournament on the last day and playing in the last pairing with Lannie Wadkins. The 12th, 13th, and 15th holes are par fours that have narrow fairways and lots of trouble if your drive is errant. I survived that part of it that day, but three-putted the par three 14th hole from only about 30-feet. Lannie won by one stroke and I finished two strokes behind him in third place.

[Kermit co-founded and led the PGA Tour Bible Study which still thrives today with multiple spawned, Christian ministries, such as College Golf Fellowship.]

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