Trump Now Regrets Being President

Trump Now Regrets Being President August 9, 2023

Yesterday, former U.S. President Donald Trump, a Republican, publicly said at a New Hampshire political rally, “I could have been relaxing at Mar-a-Lago or in the south of France–which I would prefer to being in this country, frankly.” The former guy has been blasting American institutions lately, such as the FBI and DOJ. But it’s all because he himself has caused these legal troubles he is now encountering, which threaten to send him to prison. Just the third indictment alone, which was issued days ago by Special Counsel Jack Smith of the DOJ for investigation of the Capitol riot on Jan 6, has only four charges of which the total maximum penalty would be 55 years in prison.

When Trump said that yesterday, social media on the internet heated up. People said Trump doesn’t like America or Trump wished he lived in France, etc. Trump meant by it that he regrets having been president due to the legal troubles he has gotten himself into, both as president and since his presidency. He was impeached twice in the House, which was unprecedented in our 245-year history. And he’s about to indicted for the fourth time by the U.S. courts (this one in Georgia) with two by the DOJ.

I posted early in Trump’s presidency that his first ex-wide, Ivana, told Donald that he should not be president because he has a good life and can just go play golf all he wants. She was right, and apparently The Donald now realizes it. When Trump was arraigned in federal court in Washington, DC, days ago, former House speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said that Trump looked like (on television) “a scared puppy.”

When Donald Trump first started to campaign for the U.S. presidency, in the summer of 2015, I began to post critical remarks on my blog about him being unfit to do that.  From then until he was exonerated by the Senate the second time, in early 2021, only days after he vacated the presidency, I had posted about 350 posts about Trump. And I made many predictions about what was going to happen him because of this. For instance, here are just three of those posts:

“I think Donald Trump is a big bag of hot air ready to blow up like the Hindenburg blimp if he becomes U.S. president.”–May 20, 2016

“I think he’ll bring America down, not Make America Great Again.”–June 1, 2016.

“I think Trumpgate will make Watergate look like a Sunday school picnic.”–July 21, 2018

Why was I being so critical of Donald Trump as U.S. president? Trump had a history of being a rather unsavory character in business who was always promoting himself as a genius whereas he was the biggest liar and deceiver I had ever seen. I began applying lots of texts from the Bible’s wisdom literature to Donald Trump in my posts, such as, “Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall” (Proverbs 16.18). I posted this one several different times. Another was Jesus’ profound statement that is most quoted among his New Testament gospel sayings, “The first shall be last, and the last shall be first.” Ponder the meaning of that one for a while. Trump fits it to a tee.

And in this process, I often rebuked my evangelical Christian brethren for being so responsible for helping Mr. Trump gain the White House. In doing so, they had abandoned all sense of right and wrong. It was dishonoring to Christian faith. And the premier Christian magazine, Christianity Today, eventually came out with articles saying as much in December, 2019.

I eventually made some of these posts into a book entitled Bible Predicts Trump Fall. As time transpires, those posts and this book are becoming more and more prescient. But that happened only because I believe in the Bible and am willing to take a courageous stand for it despite the opposition. And I sure got it! You can go back and read the comments I got for those posts at, which hosts my Kermit Zarley Blog. The comments were way more critical of me for saying such things about Trump than comments that commended me for doing so. That’s because of my elderly age, I’m a guy, I’m white; thus so many Trump supporters were old white guys like me. Plus, a lot of them play golf so that golfers often read my blog.

Folks, I’m saying all this mostly to make the point that with Trump’s U.S. presidency and its aftermath, we are seeing before our very eyes and hearing with our ears (with television) that God’s word-wisdom-truth recorded in the Bible is increasingly being manifested day after day after day. Thus, the God of the Bible is worth believing.

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