Scottie Scheffler Leads RBC Heritage by Five with Delay

Scottie Scheffler Leads RBC Heritage by Five with Delay April 21, 2024

Scottie Scheffler–the #1 pro golfer in the world–made a scrambling par with a one stroke water hazard penalty on the par five 15th hole today in the RBC Heritage at Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, to protect his five stroke lead at 20-under par total as play was then ended for the day at 7:45 PM ET. Play had been suspended hours earlier due to rain and lightning. At that time, Scheffler had a four stroke lead at 19-under par total over seven players who were tied for second at 15-under par total.

Scheffler’s saved par on the 15th hole also protected his bogey-free entire tournament. That may be a PGA Tour record in itself since I am unaware of anyone ever playing a bogey-free, 72-hole tournament on the PGA Tour. (But I could be wrong about this.) However, Scheffler did make a double bogey in his first round.

Scottie Scheffler is a prominent Christian member of the PGA Tour Bible Study. This tournament used to be held often during Easter. When that happened, the PGA Tour Bible Study changed its weekly meeting from the night before the tournament started to holding it as an outdoor, early, morning service at the golf course as a preaching service. I think it was two years that the Calvin Theilman preached that service. He was nice guy and the pastor of the church were evangelist Billy Graham and his family attended, which was Montreat Presbyterian Church in Montreat, North Carolina.

Since Scheffler is in the last pairing, he will tee off tomorrow on the 16th hole. All of the players who did not complete their final rounds today will tee off shot-gun start at 8:00 AM ET. If Scheffler wins tomorrow, he will have won four of his last five PGA Tour tournaments this year, with the other one, at Houston, being a tie for second.

But that’s not quite as good as what the LPGA’s #1 player did today–Nellie Korda. She won The Chevron Championship today by three strokes to have five LPGA Tour wins in succession, thus beating Scottie’s four out of five wins if he wins tomorrow. Nellie may have the best golf swing of any great player who ever played the LPGA Tour.


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