“Sleepy Joe” Hypocrisy Haunts Sleepy Trump

“Sleepy Joe” Hypocrisy Haunts Sleepy Trump April 23, 2024

I’ve purposely avoided posting about former President Donald Trump’s four legal indictments he is facing as he simultaneously campaigns for the presidential election this fall as the certain, Republican nominee. From the time Trump first began to campaign for the U.S. presidency, in mid-2015, to soon after he exited the Oval Office, I posted about 350 times about him on my blog. Some people say I was obsessed about it. I prefer to believe that I was rightly worried about the U.S. losing a substantial portion of its democracy and thus freedoms to a man who did not believe in it and really wanted to be a dictator of the USA for the rest of his life.

I then collected 200 of these posts, each about 1-2 pages in length, and organized them chronologically as chapter in a book entitled Bible Predicts Trump Fall, which is available at amazon.com. This title reflects that a goodly portion of those posts are a comparison of Trump statements with biblical proverbs and sayings of Jesus which represent predictions that Donald Trump will decline miserably in popularity to become what the Bible calls “a fool.”

But today I will break my silence about Trump because of what happened on the first day of his court appearance in the so-called “election interference” case in Manhattan. It involves married man Trump, only weeks before the November election in 2016, supposedly paying off two women who claimed they had sex with him ten years prior. The New York prosecution then claimed in court today that Trump then forked over this “hush money” to keep these women from going public with their stories, which knowledge surely would have had a negative effect on the American electorate, especially the high percentage of evangelicals who helped Trump get elected.

Several times I posted about Jesus teaching in his Sermon on the Mount, and I put it in the book, “Do not judge, so that you may not be judged. For with the judgment you make you will be judged, and the measure you give will the measure you get” (Matthew 7.1-2 NRSV).

At that time, Trump and his followers at his political rallies would yell with glee, “Lock her up.” They were referring to Trump’s political opponent Hilary Clinton for her email server debacle. But today in court, Trump reportedly was dozing off to sleep. The TV comics were having a heyday with that, comparing it to Trump’s primary nickname of “Sleepy Joe” for his political opponent, the current U.S. President Joe Biden.

Trump therefore again should not be so fast to judge since it comes back and bites him in the you know where. Will it do likewise with his slogan, “Lock here up”? It’Slees all about hypocrisy, which the New Testament gospels show that Jesus was so keen to point out.

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