Good God, Gay is Good

Good God, Gay is Good October 21, 2014

This one is rolled especially for my LGBT sisters an brothers. Allies, sing along if you know the tune.

God is good.
All the time.
God is good.

I write a lot of soap-box diatribes. Don’t get me wrong, they are good and necessary in the face of the deadly, blasphemous vitriol that jams the airwaves with the lie that being queer is an abomination. But right now I want y’all to put down all that thinkin’. I want y’all to lay down all that pain. I want y’all to read these words then turn up your speakers as loud as the neighbors or babies will tolerate and close your eyes.

In case y’all forgot, I’m a believer. So I hope you will accept this Jesus-freaky invitation. Even if not at first reading, maybe later.

Take a deep breath. Go on, fill yer damn lungs and hold it for a sec.

Ok, exhale before you pass your ass out. (A run once in a while wouldn’t kill you, but I digress).

Get ready to play the song below and allow yourself to…

Feel the rhythm and words shake from your over-wrought mind the sinful lies of self-loathing.

Feel the rhythm and words of truth reverberate with extravagant grace through your weary heart and beckon you to lay down the sickness of self-denial.

Feel the rhythm and words explode with blessed assurance in your beautifully rendered soul with the truth that you are loved beyond your wildest imagination.

And know this. There is one tired old lesbian down south dancing with her whole body, clapping with ferocity and crying with unreasonable gratitude –  with you  – for being made gay.

God is good.
All the time.
God is good.

Now ahead imagine yourself with your hands upturned.


Go on and raise ’em up.

Click play.

Close your eyes.


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