Eastertide sabbatical

Eastertide sabbatical April 6, 2015

Happy Easter, dear friends. Christ is risen! Christ is risen indeed!

In this season of resurrection and renewal it is time for me to step away from the seemingly never ending fight to have my sacred worth recognized and my humanity acknowledged by those whose hearts are still enslaved by ignorance, fear, loathing and power-hungry religiosity.

So, between now and Pentecost I am taking a digital sabbatical and stepping away from blogging, commenting on other blogs, engaging in any discussion via social media or even reposting anything about being queer and a person of faith or about LGBT equality.

I will still be listening, I will still be writing, and I will most certainly still be praying as I take these next 49 days to deepen my practice in all three areas. I will also still be actively serving Extravagance UCC and helping to grow that amazing ministry with some down-right inspiring leaders, Jo and Nicole.

And I’ll still be hanging around the interwebs, being all Facebooky and Tweety but just taking a break from swimming in the putrid vitriol of willfully ignorant asshats.

I hope while I am away you will listen, write and pray with and for your LGBT sisters and brothers that they may know God’s love in and through you.

Thanks for letting me sit at the grown-up table with you for the past couple of years. Save me a seat, m’kay?

Be back soon.

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