I really don’t understand how anyone can see Trump as presidential

I really don’t understand how anyone can see Trump as presidential September 27, 2016
I am going to try and phrase this as respectfully and a sincerely as possible. Let’s all take a deep breath, turn down the volume on our own fear, anger, frustration and snarkiness and try and figure something out here.
I’ve been watching and listening very carefully to as much of this presidential race as I possibly can, as I imagine many of you have. What I keep asking myself and others is, how anyone can observe Donald Trump as he presents himself – his own words, tone, posture, gestures and facial expressions – and even remotely consider him presidential.
He cannot seem to consistently string together complete sentences. What he does say sounds juvenile, mean or bombastic. He is smug, condescending, rude and inarticulate every time I see him. He denigrates women, people of color, people of differing abilities, LGBT citizens and our human siblings in other countries. He celebrates his ability to break the law and not pay taxes. He lauds his refusal to pay people who have worked for him. He believes in unconstitutional stop and frisk AND suggested that China invade North Korea.  His entire campaign, perhaps his entire professional life, is predicated on vitriolic divisiveness.  He says he is a great, very, really good, unbelievable business man AND that he has been audited almost every year? He blames everyone + a microphone for his own behavior.
And – he cannot address actual issues impacting our country right now with any amount of specificity.
Does not the office of president of the United States require decorum, profound oratorical skills, respect for and a willingness to work with others, finesse, diplomacy, critical thinking skills and and a healthy attitude of constant self-critique? Should not our leader be lifting us up, pulling us together and helping us celebrate our diversity and the American commitment to progress as a country and human race?
So here is my question, and I really do want to understand.
How can anyone actually see Donald Trump as a man worthy of the highest office in our country? 
Please, please – I want to explore this solely based on aspects of Donald Trump and what about him could be considered presidential. ANY argument that refers to any other candidate (all of whom I have real issues with regarding policy and professional history) will be deleted.

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