I am done mollycoddling the willfully ignorant

I am done mollycoddling the willfully ignorant December 5, 2016

For as long as I’ve been writing this blog, I have been asked by readers, both supporters and detractors “why you gotta be so mean sometimes?”

I hear regular challenges to my voice, from both sides of the aisle, that read a little something like “why can’t we Christians all just get along, you know, because Jesus??”

Or better yet, the condescending scoldings…

“if you had offered your critique of his antisemitic post in a kinder and gentler way, he might have been able to hear it.”

Or, “you should be more patient and gentle with hateful people, otherwise when you sound angry, they might not be able to hear what you have to say.”

So I thought it might be a good idea to reiterate a couple of points to the tone police.

Whether it is the privileged naiveté of “we will just have to agree to disagree” or the sweet, idealistic “let’s set aside our differences and get to work to heal this beautiful but broken world” … uhhhhmmm – no.

Why? Because I am done mollycoddling the willful ignorant, for Christ’s sake. Literally.

See I am done gently inviting homophobic, xenophobic, transphobic, racist, misogynistic asshats to do their own work to wake the fuck up and acknowledge the humanity and sacred worth of EVERYONE.  I am done tiptoeing around their stubborn clinging to hateful ways while I sit pleading in dulcet tones, “please oh please, won’t you just listen…”

The veil has been lifted and folks, I am looking misanthropic mansplainers square in the eye and not worrying to much if I hurt their wittle feewings.  I speak my truth to power in whatever tone I deem appropriate and will use what ever language I want as I address the WILLFULLY ignorant who allow themselves to be manipulated by the powerful.

There is no excuse in the information age for people to remain ignorant. Do the work, read a fucking book and think for your self (and of more than yourself).

Sorry, not sorry.


I know, deep in my weary bones – through faithful reading of scripture, deep study of tradition, reliance on reason and my own, lived experience that the Incarnation has liberated us from the death-grip graceless fear and loathing of the other.  Anything that rejects that mind-bending grace deserves a clear and resounding rebuke.

So, as heartbreaking as this may be for some of my more tender sisters and brothers, I claim something in no uncertain terms. I am not called to be a bridge builder smearing a little fresh grout between the cracked bricks of ignorance, fear and loathing. Other folks may be called to this work, but in Trump’s hateful new world, I’m just flat done with that work if the bridge is really nothing more than a shelter for stupidity, avarice and hatred.

Does that sound off-putting?

Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.

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