The Leper-ization of the Mormon Doubter

The Leper-ization of the Mormon Doubter October 18, 2015

In case you ever wondered what its like to be LDS and to want racial, gender or social equality  in the church  and have attempted to  express it vocally – this is  indicative of the kind of response  that  is regularly hurled at us:


Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 4.38.35 pm

Of course these kinds of remarks aren’t  excommunication but I have to wonder if the cumulative effect of this kind of social vitriol has some bearing on how questioners, doubters and Mormon progressives are ultimately ‘Leperized’ and sent from the fold.

In some stakes around the world they have been having 40 day fasts where ward members share one day of those 40 to fast  for  missionary work.  Notwithstanding the dubious means of increasing numbers it seems the church would  rather bring more people into the fray than try to really understand and deal with the reasons people are leaving.

No doubt the woman who sent me this peachy message will be participating  in her ward with divine fervour.

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