St. Monica’s Ustreaming Parish Hits Vegas for #NAB13

St. Monica’s Ustreaming Parish Hits Vegas for #NAB13 April 11, 2013

Daniel Houze and Fr. David Guffey of St. Monica’s Catholic Church

I’m a big fan of parishes using technology to share the Good News of the gospel, so I was thrilled my Facebook friend Daniel Houze, shared the following Ustream video with me from this week’s National Associate of Broadcaster’s show in Las Vegas. As a Catholic geek, I daydream about some day attending this event!

In the video, you’ll hear my friend Father David Guffey of Family Theater Productions and St. Monica’s parish in Santa Monica, and Daniel Houze — St. Monica’s Media Ministry Coordinator telling about how St. Monica’s is using Ustream and technology in the parish to livestream events and masses. Fr. David wisely points out that views of the livestream also draw traffic to the parish’s website, where folks discover other great content and information about the faith.

Check out the St. Monica’s livestreamed events here and their Ustream Channel here. When you view out some of the videos, you’ll see the amazing picture quality, sound and production quality. Nice work being done in a fantastic, spirited style.

Can I just say that I love, love, love this?! Keep up the great work guys!

Video streaming by Ustream

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