Join Us for a FREE Webinar on New Media & the New Evangelization

Join Us for a FREE Webinar on New Media & the New Evangelization May 1, 2013

I’m so excited to be a part of a terrific, and FREE, webinar being sponsored by our friends at Ave Maria Press! I’ll include all of the details below – I do hope you can join us!

Parishes, New Media, and the New Evangelization: A Roundtable Discussion

In this edition of the Ave Maria Press Professional Development Webinar Series, we will host a number of new media and new evangelization experts in a roundtable discussion about how parishes can use digital media to reach new people and connect with their parishioners.

Topics for discussion may include:

– Social media for beginners
– Developing dynamic parish websites
– Effectively using Facebook pages
– Case studies and examples of parishes effectively using new media
– How to use email to reach parishioners
– Opportunities in SMS and text messaging

This will be a new and exciting format for the webinar series. Unlike past webinars, the panelists will not create their own slideshow presentations. After some initial questions and a discussion guided by the moderator, the panelists will take questions from the webinar participants on a wide variety of topics.

Our panel of experts includes:

Domenico Bettinelli
Archdiocese of Boston

Ashley Collins
Peter and Paul Ministries

Jared Dees (moderator)
Ave Maria Press

Lisa Hendey

Josh Simmons

Matthew Warner

The Ave Maria Press Professional Webinar Series is presented in partnership with the National Association for Lay Ministry, the National Conference for Catechetical Leadership, and the National Federation of Priests’ Councils.

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