Fr. Robert Barron to Keynote at Religious Education Congress

Fr. Robert Barron to Keynote at Religious Education Congress October 15, 2013
Fr. Robert Barron

News out from the Archdiocese of Los Angeles that Fr. Robert Barron will be the keynote speaker at this year’s Religious Education Congress in Anaheim:

The 2014 Los Angeles Religious Education Congress is only five months away! Our Congress Keynote has been announced: Rev. Robert Barron will present “Hope to Set the World Afire” on Saturday, March 15. 

With Father Barron speaking on Saturday and Dr. Carolyn Woo of Catholic Relief Services keynoting on Sunday, this year’s event is lining up to be a tremendous learning environment.

I attend the Congress every year and have so enjoyed the opportunity for networking. This year, I’ll be attending again, and speaking in tandem with my good friend Sarah Reinhard. The opportunity to hear Fr. Barron makes me even more excited about the event. But in truth, my favorite part of Congress each year is meeting and conversing with the many dedicated religious educators who gather in Anaheim to learn about sharing the faith with their students.

Learn more about the Religious Education Congress here.

A question for you: Have you ever attended a Catholic conference? If so, what was your favorite part of attending the event?

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  • It’s settled. I shall be unable to function for at least 48 hours. I hope to calm down by the time we will be in the same zip code as Father Barron.


  • Sherry

    Want want want want want one day to go….