Pope Francis’ Google Hangout

Pope Francis’ Google Hangout February 5, 2015

Today, our Holy Father employed a great tool of technology–the Google Hangout–to meet and converse with young people from around the world:

Per the Vatican:

Pope Francis held a Google Hangout Thursday afternoon with several disabled kids from around the world, in an event sponsored by Scholas Ocurrentes, a charity which brings together young people via sports, art, and technology. Speaking from the Paul VI Audience Hall, he said Scholas can help them by building bridges and communicating. Read full article here.

I hope that this will become a regular habit for Pope Francis. His example sets a great precedent for our parishes and pastors. Tools like “Hangout” are free, easily accessible, able to be recorded and rebroadcast, and take our New Evangelization efforts to the next level. Unlike written words or even static images, the ability to meet, to converse, and to look into one another’s faces as we discuss topics such as our faith brings our ability to build bridges to a higher level.

If Pope Francis ever wants to hang out with suburban Catholic Moms, I’m happy to volunteer!

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