Recent Media Appearances with Fr. Robert Reed and Pat Gohn

Recent Media Appearances with Fr. Robert Reed and Pat Gohn February 17, 2014
On the uber cool infinity set of Inter Nos (CatholicTV) with the always awesome Fr. Robert Reed.

I hate these braggy, self-promotion types of posts, but I LOVE the friends who invited me to have these two precious “media moments”, so I’m going to share them here in the hopes that if you have time to tune in, you’ll join me in thanking the hosts for their kindness:

  • Pat Gohn is one of my dearest friends, and the absolutely blessed, beautiful and bodacious host of the Among Women Podcast. I recently had the opportunity to join Pat for a great conversation about my Rwanda adventure. I’d love for you to listen to our chat! Find it archived here.
  • I’d also like to express a huge thanks to my friends Fr. Robert Reed, Bonnie Rodgers and the entire team at CatholicTV for their very kind invitation to appear on the cool new program Inter Nos. Father Reed is a good friend and a gifted communicator, so while being on television is always a bit scary, this interview felt more like a conversation with a good friend! While in Boston, I also appeared for a brief segment on This Is The Day, another of my favorite shows!
"Only good things are to come!! Saying yes is the best. See you around, friend."

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