Sweet Tweets for 5/09/14 — Happy (Almost) Mother’s Day!

Sweet Tweets for 5/09/14 — Happy (Almost) Mother’s Day! May 9, 2014


I was so moved this week by Pope Francis’ tweet this week : “In our families we learn to love and to recognise the dignity of all, especially of the elderly.” This seems to be such a fitting week for a week during which we celebrate the gift of motherhood. And with the beautiful role model of our Pope Benedict XVI, we see such dignity on display.

This week has been particularly busy for me, so I’m eternally grateful to John Clem for helping me to stay in touch — at least once per week — with the big news of the week!

  • Papal Tweet:  In our families we learn to love and to recognise the dignity of all, especially of the elderly. (Pope Francis May 8th)
  • “Communication at the service of an authentic culture of #encounter” is Pope Francis’ theme for World Day of Social Communications on June 1st
  • 2014 Lumen Christi Award Finalists – Who Inspires You? ow.ly/wqp6O
  • Walking with Jesus – Father James Martin, SJ (This is the Day – CatholicTV) youtu.be/BsCtFCWlqKY
  • Pope’s prayer intentions for May: That the media be instruments of truth and peace (Rome Reports) ow.ly/wqrae
  • CNS STORY: Hopes rise that pope, patriarch meeting renews Christian unity effortow.ly/wqCtEow.ly/i/5rppf
  • NEW: The Living Word – Ignatian Contemplation (Fr. James Martin, S.J.)youtu.be/Cw1ZXdBtCug
  • Wonderful Film – Dancing in Jaffa – watch the trailer ow.ly/wrjWU
  • Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors concludes first meeting (Vatican Radio)ow.ly/wrkjP
  • Shroud of Turin research continues in Goochland – Richmond Times-Dispatch: Faith & Values ow.ly/wrkM0
  • May the 4th Be With You! Geekpriest Podcast ow.ly/wsQQB + watch Star Wars Cantina auditions ow.ly/wsQWO
  • Blessed James Alberione’s “What Makes You Beautiful” youtu.be/GaTInVYoQYg +more on his life youtu.be/mOxUasD2Vis
  • Nomadelfia: A lifestyle based on early Christians (Rome Reports)youtu.be/o9hBzq4NeX4
  • American Bible Society holds Vatican conference on roots of the Bible (Rome Reports) ow.ly/wuiix
  • Supreme Court upholds legislative prayer at council meetings – The Washington Post ow.ly/wvvtV
  • CNS STORY: Vatican official rebukes U.S. nuns’ group for ‘fundamental errors’ ow.ly/wvvWU
  • Video: Immigration and The Catholic Church (USCCB) youtu.be/4hWYfJ28mLY
  • Fr. Robert Barron’s Word On Fire – Fr. Barron Welcomes Dr. Scott Hahn to Mundelein Seminary! ow.ly/wxzYu
  • Report: Paul VI to be beatified in October (Patheos – Deacon Greg Kandra) ow.ly/wyj8U
  • CNS STORY: Vatican official says church making progress in stopping sexual abuse ow.ly/wyC2G
  • The Vatican defrocked 848 priests from 2004 to 2013, for cases of sexual abuse (Rome Reports) ow.ly/wAs3s
  • Prayers for performers recently injured: Circus performers and faith (CNS) youtu.be/a7mcJhWv4b0
  • Look Up! A thoughful short-film on importance of real relationships (Gary Turk) youtu.be/Z7dLU6fk9QY
  • Video: Do’s and Don’ts of Evangelization (LifeTeen) ow.ly/wAPP2
  • Pope Francis: Never forget prayer! (CNS) youtu.be/PGW1TdVR6aM
  • NEW: The Living Word: Scripture in the Life of the Church | America Magazine & American Bible Society ow.ly/wARpC
  • The Church’s changing face – how important Latinos are to future of Catholicism in America (OSV) ow.ly/wASt5
  • Jewish and Muslim leaders to join Pope’s Holy Land trip :: Catholic News Agency (CNA)ow.ly/wCt7i
  • Hearing God in ‘The Voice’ of the people | CNS Blogow.ly/wCKV2
  • Satanic Monument for the Oklahoma State House – The Colbert Report – Video Clip | Comedy Central ow.ly/wCNUv
  • May 8th – Feast of St. Julian of Norwich – Julian’s  Voice:  Listening to Julian of Norwich – Veronica Mary Rolf ow.ly/wCTAI
  • NEW: myUSCCB | Empowering Catholic Ministry youtu.be/YD5y-nHXdHE usccb.org/myusccb/index.… FREE until July 1st
  • Pope to UN: Resist the economy of exclusion, serve the poor (Vatican Radio) ow.ly/wET1l
  • Satire: USCCB Announces Publication Of New Mad Libs Missal | Eye of the Tiber ow.ly/wDDvj
Franciscan Monastery in DC of Lourdes Grotto with Mother Mary — Photo Courtesy of John Clem

Mother’s Day Tweets:

  • The Mothers’ Saint – St. Gerard Majella, C.Ss.R. ow.ly/wyVIf
  • Mothers Day Poems for Christian Moms (About.comow.ly/wyVdR
  • 10 Mother’s Day Gifts That Won’t Cost a Penny – US News ow.ly/wyV8E
  • Mother’s Day – FREE crafts, poems, puzzles, cards (Activity Village) ow.ly/wyW4l
  • Mother’s Day Vigil at the Northwest Detention Center | Franciscan Action Network ow.ly/wqw4Q
  • A Mother Who Knows When to Show Up (Sarah Reinhard – Catholic Exchange) ow.ly/wqUKd
  • A Real Life Look at MOVIE – Mom’s Night Out (by many Moms) | CatholicMom.com ow.ly/wyX1l
  • Our Lady of Fatima & Mother’s Day | Call To Holiness ow.ly/wCQdZ
John Clem

John Clem is the Director and Media Minister at Catholic Web Services (http://catholicws.com/). John is currently in formation to join the Secular Franciscan Order, and loves to share his talents in faith, technology, and journalism in service to the church.  John also writes a blog entitled Call To Holiness  (http://www.calltoholiness.us/). Follow John on Twitter at @Catholicwebs, on Facebook and at Google+.

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