“Heart of Gold” by Fr. Pontifex & Yung PK Totally Rocks

“Heart of Gold” by Fr. Pontifex & Yung PK Totally Rocks June 19, 2014


Released today by Spirit Juice Studios is the video for the great song “Heart of Gold” by Fr. Pontifex (a.k.a. Fr. Claude “Dusty” Burns) with Yung PK from the album The Symphony and The Static. Even if you think you don’t like rap, you simply MUST watch this video. In my mind, this is art. The video and song portray the drama that each of us face each day in our walk as Christians, set to music and filled with incredible imagery:

And after you’ve watched the music video, be sure to check out the great “behind the scenes” look at what motivated the team. And can I just say that I pretty much love everything done by Spirit Juice? Rob Kaczmark and his team do an amazing job of going beyond “video” and really creating compelling art.

Music like this deserves to be heard and shared. For a great review of the entire album, Matt Swaim’s got you covered.

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