Archdiocese of New York is “Connecting the Church”

Archdiocese of New York is “Connecting the Church” October 21, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 1.14.57 PMVia my good friend Matthew Warner, the genius behind Flocknote, comes exciting news about a communications whirlwind happening in the Archdiocese of New York. As the press release below shares, the Archdiocese will be implementing both Flocknote and  eCatholic ( in all of their parishes.

Matt shared with me:

“Now, when any parishioner joins any ministry at any parish anywhere in the Archdiocese, they will be directly connected not only with their ministry leader, but also their pastor and their bishop! Then the bishop, pastor or ministry leader will be able to send all their parishioners – or any subset of them – an email or text any time they need to. And it will capture feedback and responses from parishioners all in one, easy place, all without the person ever having to log in to something or download an app.”

I’ve seen both of these tools used for great good in parishes around the country. It’s truly amazing that such a large archdiocese would recognize their vast potential and put them to work for the service of the Church and her faithful.

Connecting the Church from eCatholic on Vimeo.

How the Archdiocese of New York is Becoming One of the Most Innovative and Connected Dioceses in the World

Cardinal Dolan has a plan: to provide his parishioners with better, more effective communication about what’s happening in the Catholic church.

The goal sounds simple — but it hasn’t always been easy streamlining communication across an Archdiocese of hundreds of parishes that serve more than 2.8 million Catholics across 5,000 square miles. But now, that’s all changing.

The Archdiocese of New York has enlisted the help of two groundbreaking communication tools that will completely revolutionize the way they communicate with parishioners: eCatholic ( and Flocknote (

“What we plan to do is to equip every parish across the Archdiocese with these two tools, which is going to make the Archdiocese of New York among the most innovative and connected dioceses in the world,” says Cardinal Dolan.

eCatholic will provide the Archdiocese — and all of its parishes — with beautiful, mobile-responsive websites that will empower them to not only inform, but also inspire and engage the people they serve.

But this is not just an ordinary website makeover for all the parishes of the Archdiocese. The new Archdiocesan website ( will dynamically aggregate data from the parish websites, while also automatically pushing relevant content from the Archdiocesan website to all of the newly designed parish websites.

Flocknote will give the Archdiocese a way to connect with and mobilize parishioners through quick text messages and email newsletters — allowing parish leaders to capture responses in one easy place. Through its innovative and simple approach to gathering and managing contact information, the Archdiocese will soon have the largest, most up-to-date database of parishioner contact info in the world.

Now, when any parishioner joins a ministry at any parish in the Archdiocese, they will automatically be directly connected with not only that ministry leader, but their pastor and their bishop as well.

With eCatholic and Flocknote, Dolan says, “This Archdiocese is going to have the ability to share information with –and get feedback from — our people in a very efficient and effective way.”

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