Even if You’re Not in ND or TN, Pay Attention to This Legislation

Even if You’re Not in ND or TN, Pay Attention to This Legislation October 1, 2014

choose_lifeFrom Patti Armstrong this week at National Catholic Register comes important information on legislations in that states of Tennessee and North Dakota which could quickly establish unrestricted abortion in those states. Armstrong writes in part:

Tennessee and North Dakota are launching a counteroffensive in the battle for life that could reverberate across the country.

Both have ballot measures Nov. 4 that seek to protect their constitutions from the kind of pro-abortion activism that has eviscerated pro-life regulations in a dozen states. If these measures pass, Tennessee and North Dakota could become models for the other 48 states.

In Tennessee, Amendment 1 would overturn the state Supreme Court’s interpretation that the state Constitution’s right to privacy guarantees abortion. Measure 1 in North Dakota would protect the constitution from such an interpretation. Read the full article...

As we embark on Respect Life Month, your participation to protect every life is greatly needed. It’s time for us to tune in, inform ourselves, become active in sharing this information, VOTE and PRAY!

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