Fired Up & FULL

Fired Up & FULL September 17, 2023


This little light of mine is burning brighter than ever today. As I look back over the blissful summer that I’ve had I can be nothing but grateful. God orchestrated things in such a way that I could not only be useful and impactful, He did it in such a way that I could be restored. Writing this I am simply in awe of the Master of the Universe. He is so mindful of me; He loves me not just in word, but in deed.

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At the end of last year when I was doing my vision board for 2023 I was wondering what would be my centering words for a year that I sensed would be so different. My focus in 2022 was to be intentional, it was a working year to establish some relationships and projects that were necessary. For a bit I thought 2023 would be a continuation of that but on a higher level. My goodness was I wrong and let me tell you I’m glad I was.

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The year of our Lord 2023 has been absolutely mind blowing. Just when I thought it couldn’t get much better, it did! My centering word for the year is restore. And if I’m honest, which I try my best to be at all times, I was not that excited about the word when I sensed it. Then God said to me the emphasis would be on the ‘rest’ in restore. Look, I still wasn’t excited. I was intrigued though. So I put it on my board and tucked it in my heart; I’m so glad I did.

Steam overflowing green cup

I have watched God, since January 1, wreck shop in my life and the lives of those connected to me. Don’t be alarmed, it’s been so so good. Yes there has been some pain and some shock, but I can truly say it has been worth it and it has been for my good. I am not only fulfilled, but I am full today. I am overflowing. The brim of my cup is wet because in my obedience to do what I hear God saying I constantly get His outpouring.

In my small circle there has been medical crises, promotions, death of loved ones, business expansion and a ton of readjustments. We have endured highs and lows and maintained balance. Our flame never went out, our spark never left.

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You’re probably wide eyed ready for the deets on what happed, what inspired this post right? Let me tell you now there’s going to be a part two (and maybe three) because there’s just no way to adequately describe it in one sitting. I just returned from Dallas, Texas and my life will never be the same. I could write a book about what happened this past weekend as I was in the same room as Sarah Jakes Roberts, Dr. Anita Phillips and 40,000 other women who love God. I will be sharing some of the nuggets of wisdom in coming posts so stay tuned. I gathered over 30 pages of hand written notes that I’m still processing mentally and spiritually. Let me just say, Wow. It was electric; it was overwhelming; it was inspiring; it was all of the things. What it was most in my opinion was affirming.

Coals on fire

One big takeaway for me was Kingdom business is not for the faint of heart, by no means. It is for those willing to be tried in the fire to receive a heart of fire. That’s it. The scrutiny, the responsibility, the weight, the exposure, the pressure of the call is no easy thing. Thank the Lord we serve a God that loves the impossible and always shows up. Sitting in a safe and loving space surrounded by 40,000 women I felt the power of God in a new way that erased my small mindedness. Now more than ever I’m ready to dream big. I’m ready to be about my business, God’s business, Kingdom business.

These women, 40 of which I knew personally, all showed up with the same goal for the same purpose- to get better and further the Kingdom. And just in case I have any seeker or non-Christian believers reading this allow me to clarify what I mean when I say Kingdom. As a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ I proudly wear the label Christian. That means that I believe Jesus is the Son of God, was born of a virgin, walked the earth as a God Man seeking to save that which was lost. I believe that He was ridiculed, humiliated and tortured before He hung, bled and died on a cross in Calvary. I believe on the third day He rose from the dead and after walking the earth resurrected He ascended back up to Heaven to join His Father and rule with all power. Jesus shed blood to pay my sin debt and give me the rights and privileges of a Kingdom citizen. Heaven touched earth and established His Kingdom here. It’s not a myth or a fable, it’s my life and identity. It why I write. It’s why I breathe. It’s my fire.

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I sit here after this experience completely full, completely happy, completely satisfied in who I am and what I’m called to do in this season. For the first time in my adult life I can flow in productivity and bask in peace. Rest and restoration no longer evade me. I can get results and make impact while still living in joy and recharging my body. I’ve tapped into the next level of the good life. My spirit is full because I’m not alone. God walks with me and in His wisdom He gave me sisters of like mind to lock arms with as we journey into the deep. Get ready, get ready, get ready because we’re bringing the heat!

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