Go All Out: Evolve

Go All Out: Evolve September 24, 2023

Evolution doesn’t go backwards. So when God releases you into a thing- actually when you allow Him to bring you out to the front- things are no longer the same. When the curtain is pulled back and you are realeased into the next level of your true self, your world becomes brand new.

My charge to you today: Don’t let anyone dull your shine. I don’t care if it’s your mother, father, sister, brother, husband, wife, dog or cat. Your purpose must take precedent. Hear me when I say that’s not anything I grabbed from any self-help guru or preacher. That’s my lived experience. Purpose is the best driver and though it will lead you down some lonely roads at times, it’s always worth it.

Let me ask you something. What’s your idea of the big picture of your life? Are you happy with how things are and where you are now? Are you content that everything you’ve done so far will be the story of your life? If your answer to any of those questions is no then this is your wake up call. This is me beckoning you to come out of the darkness that was your past (including yesterday) and step into the marvelous light that can be your today. Because all we have is right now.

I told you last time that I would be talking more about the Woman Evolve conference that I attended Dallas, TX. It was a jarring historic moment. At first I was put off by the crowd. No, it was not because anyone was nasty and not even due to the thought of the spreading of several viruses that are going around. I was taken aback because I didn’t know if I would be able to tune in to what God was doing in such a sensory overloading environment.

After a few moments I settled myself. I had to encourage myself, reminding me of the money and effort I spent getting to that space, that moment. I had to remind myself that if the moment was wasted it would be on me, not God, not my travel mates, me. So I pushed past the lights, the cameras, the rows and rows of chairs and bleachers and I opened my heart. Just like I thought, it was well worth it.

Sarah Jakes Roberts and her team went all out. The speakers, the topics, the decor and even the breaks were well thought out. It was clear that this was an expensive feat not just spiritually but financially. Towards the end Pastor Sarah shared that she had considered paring down some of the extras and conveniences, like multiple big screens. She shared that the deposit alone for some of the lighting carried a multi-million dollar price tag. And I know that she didn’t share that information to be braggadocious. Pastor Sarah just gave us a peek behind the curtain of the responsibility she had taken on to carry out God’s vision.

His plan took precedent for her and she will be rewarded. It will be counted as righteousness unto her for the dreams that were unlocked and for the hearts that were healed over those three days. It was an evolution for everyone in the room. Her ministry and mine will never be the same. There is no more playing small. We have to consistently step up to the plate now. One of the first things Pastor Sarah said was it’s time for us to take our true form. We have been called to be the catalyst for change just like Jesus. And in being that change we can no longer allow people and situations to mishandle us or cause us to be misshapen.

Every woman on the planet (every man too) has experienced trauma and drama in our lives. And for too long we have allowed those experiences and the pain that came along with them to deform us. We have to be honest because whether we knew it or not we had a choice and we chose the path that led to dysfunction.

For me the Woman Evolve conference was a chance to see what going all out really looks like. I witnessed with my own eyes women of every age, shape and color going all out. Some had to utilize wheelchairs, others had to have guides to accompany them. Yet others had to step out from behind their insecurities and pour into their sisters. For that space of time our lives melded together for God’s glory. I have no doubt lives were changed. I have no doubt minds were blown.

Dr. Anita talked about tending the garden within and our call back to the nature God created. She told us that we are wired to reapond differentto the color green (wow). Pastor Sheryl shred many stories of the power of prayer and taking pride in our story. She let us know that our triumphs are memorial stones for our children and others to see. Grandma Griffin let us know that you can keep your style and sass at any age and still love the Lord. She reminded us not to leave the children behind; be the example they need to see. And Mama Serita truly brought us joy. Through her current health challenges she sat beaming with pride over her baby that ushered in a fresh wind that would blow all over the globe. She gave us that motherly reminder that God is in control and when He says enough, it will be enough. Until then we shout, we praise and we continue to flow in purpose.

Take some time today and think about your story. Ask yourself what you want your family, neighbors and friends to say about you when you are gone. Make the changes now to leave the legacy that you want. Go all out. Live your life full so you can die empty and rest well

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