The Highs and Lows

The Highs and Lows October 6, 2023

Andrae Crouch performs a classic gospel song called The Blood Will Never Lose Its Power. How true that is- more than you or I will ever comprehend. Before I knew it I quoted him in prayer this morning. I was calling on the Lord to soothe my doubts and calm my fears. This is yet another October where I find myself experiencing health challenges. The difference this time though is wisdom.

In speaking to my sister and my Spiritual Mom I realized that not only is this a trick of the enemy of my soul, the devil. This is merely a cycle. Satan’s ill-fated attempt to shut my mouth is set to repeat. What a fool! One thing I’ll give him is he’s a sneaky rascal. I almost missed my cue to praise. Almost. Maybe he missed the memo that I am retored and connected. There must have been a delay in his inbox so he didn’t get the message that this is my flourishing season. Somebody better let him know.

I will not be stopped. I always win. I can’t lose with the stuff I use. This operation is fueled by Holy Ghost power! I don’t give up and I don’t give in. Whew. I had to remind myself and the devil. Actually my sister and my mom had to remind me, especially with this new round of doctor visits.

This week I had to wear a heart monitor. Ugh. My primary doctor is concerned about some symptoms and when she’s concerned she digs up answers. Well that means blood, urine, gadgets and gizmos for me. I was feeling quite low. And the crash was even more drastic because I was coming off the high of conference season.

I shared with you already the mighty moves God manifested in Charleston and in Dallas. God Himself lifted His daughters; He empowered us. Well He did it again in Memphis just this past weekend. I was very attentive to my meds and also to my rest as much as I could be. I felt the presence of God so strong and so new that I was blown away. All was well. Then it wasn’t.

Just that quick, one visit to the Cardiovascular center threatened my peace. I became emotional and for a few moments, I felt lost. There was so much going on at once all I could do was sit and cry. But let me tell you those tears were filled with power. As I traversed that lowly valley I remembered that a diagnosis is not my destiny. GOD HAS THE FINAL SAY. Period. Or should I say exclamation point!!

I bent but I did not break. I dropped no further than my knees and just like that I began to move- my mind and my body. I sent a few text messages to my prayer warriors and pushed on.

I decided to treat myself to a nice breakfast. There’s no need to upset my emotions and my stomach, please. As I sipped on a delicious cup of coffee I shared some laughs with some neighborhood folks at the gas station and the pressure lifted even more. And before I knew it the texts began to pour in. Prayer and encouragement from all different time zones. Then the call to seal it all.

My sister, my blood, my biggest cheerleader and at one time my caregiver and housemate rang my phone. God did it! I didn’t call her at first because she’s traveling for work and I didn’t want to bother her. And yes I knew it really wasn’t a bother, that was just my stinking thinking. She called at the exact right time. I sat in my car for nearly 30 minutes and allowed my mother’s oldest daughter to minister to me. And minister she did. We laughed and cried. We prayed and praised. God did it!

The Bible cautions us not to be ignorant of Satan’s devices. The fallen nature of the enemy is to steal, kill and destroy. When he sees peace, he goes after it. When he sees love, he goes after it. Twisting things so that they look worse and trying to capitalize on a scary or tense situation is what he does. But he is a defeated foe. Our battle is the Lord’s. So let this serve as a glimmer of light and hope in your dark place.

God sees and He cares. If you hold on He will show up in your situation. Keep your heart open so that He can step in to balance out your highs and lows.

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