Water Walker

Water Walker March 18, 2024

There’s a parable that you are probably familiar with about a drowning man. Water is rising and the man comes up on the roof praying to God to save him. Someone comes by in a rowboat and the man says, “No, I’m waiting on God.” Someone comes by in a motorboat and the man says, “No, I’m waiting on God.” Then someone comes by in a helicopter and a third time the man says, “No, I’m waiting on God.” The water continues to rise and the man drowns only the go to heaven and ask God why He let him drown, to which God replied, “I sent you help three times.”

There’s another story that my Dad tells about he and his cousin. When they were younger there was a creek near their house and from one side to the other was a long swim. At about the halfway point swimming was no longer fun, it becomes difficult. His cousin after being warned swims out, gets tired in the middle and begins to drown. My Dad goes out to save him and by this time his cousin is in full panic, so he is fighting and flailing. At one point it looked like my Dad and his cousin both would drown. It’s only when the cousin pauses and gets still for a moment that he realizes that he can now relax because help has arrived. My Dad was then able to pull him to safety.

If you haven’t noticed by now, I’m all about introspection. I want us, myself included, to take self inventory. That’s how you become a Water Walker. That’s how you become unstoppable. See yourself in the parable, see yourself in the scriptures and grow to a place of better. How many times have you hoped for something, prayed about something only to turn down what you later found out was your blessing, your opportunity? How many times have you found yourself fighting your dream, fighting your passion, instead of getting still and finding a place of peace? It is only in the stillness that you can arrive at the open receiving position for God to pour into you His wisdom and divine guidance. Your best day is a day apent relying on the wisdom of God to usher you right to the place you need to be.

As a Christian life coach who specializes in purpose discovery and entrepreneurial pursuits, I meet a lot of women who are:
• afraid to ask for help
• afraid to say what it is that they really want
• afraid they’re going to stay stuck like they are

Those who I partner with best, fall into the last category. These women, unlike the drowning man, allow the notion of being stuck for the rest of their lives and not fulfilling their life’s purpose to outweigh the idea that they can’t ask for help. It is in that brave moment that they connect with me and experience real transformation. I hold their hands and we jump over life’s hurdles together. The results they see bring them real joy and keeps them fired up to go after more in life.

That’s my prayer for you today. I pray that you would pause and take a moment to get quiet and be brave about what you want in life. And if you’re ready for a partner you’ve got one right here.

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