Reason No Olympics in Chicago

Reason No Olympics in Chicago October 4, 2009


I’ll be honest, I totally thought Chicago was going to get the Olympics. Maybe it was my own bloated perception of Chicago being the greatest city on the face of the earth (yes, I am bias about that), or maybe it was because the untouchable Obama, Oprah and Daley threw their full weight behind the bid, but never did I expect Chicago to get the boot in the first round.

As soon as I found out I tweeted: “Wow. Chicago got bounced in the first round for the Olympics. I think many underestimated the silent resentment for America. 🙁 ”

Beyond that, it is no secret of Chicago’s horrific history of politics. Here’s a post I wrote about my thoughts on Chicago politics back December 13, 2008.

Much love.

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  • Mrs T

    Chicago would have been a good place for it, but I always thought that the whole continent of South America has been ignored for years. I don't know why. They have lives & news stories, but are rarely mentioned in the media. Years ago, some missionaries mentioned the 'Shining Path' a huge violent organization that controlled a large area(I forgot exactly where). Then there was the huge drug cartel, shipping it's wares here to kill our kids & it was seemingly hushed up….

    Now why didn't we know about all this in our own hemisphere? Whenever the royal family of England sneezed, we heard about it, but a whole continent with the same problems as the rest of the world was ignored!

    Even the Olympics was never held there! So, I'm glad they will be. There is a lot of work to do to fix the crime problem, but it can be done. Congrats to Rio!

    As to why we lost in the first round: I think that God has a sense of humor!

    He wants to remind us that even the big guns can't always get us our own way! He may also be reminding the leaders that, as cool as the Olympics are, there are real problems out there that need attention. Whatever your opinion of the wars, they have to be dealt with & one can't do that in a hit or miss way! These problems demand lots of work! Our country & many free peoples have come to depend on us, right or wrong. So we have to work on these messy problems.

    Hey, at least we got the Gay Games & they were lots of fun!!

  • While I think Chicago would have been a pretty awesome host. (I’d have been begging to crash in your pad, for sure!)

    I think its ultimately good for Chicago because no Olympic games ultimately makes money for the host. Instead, you end up with buildings you can’t afford, displaced poor people, (remember China shipped out 1 million plus poor people, Chicago has done this in the past when it hosted the DNC!) and a big fat pile of bonds to pay back over 30 years. Welcome back toll plazas EVERYWHERE!!!

    If anything, it shows how much the Olympic committee has grown. Kudos to them for not getting bought.

    Wouldn’t it be cool to host the summer games some place like Honolulu?

  • pm

    I hope the $250 Million finds its way back into the public monies

    instead of some slush fund.

    [On Saturday, October 3, 2009] Proft Calls on Illinois

    General Assembly to Shift $250 Million Olympics "Guarantee"

    Back to Core Missions of State Government; Read Online Article: