Here’s Hoping the Mayans are Right

Here’s Hoping the Mayans are Right December 20, 2012

For those of you who are not a part of The-World-Is-Going-To-End-And-I-Will-Tell-You-The-Exact-Day crowd, who, by the way, have been wrong every time, the Mayan Calendar ends tomorrow, Friday December 21st. Some believe, especially those in extreme rapture ready Christian circles, that the world is coming to an end… even thought the Mayans themselves don’t believe that. But who is counting on the actual people with the calendar to accurately assess their predictability?

In either case, Brenda (my wife) and I are holding an End of the World Party tonight for our friends. It’s not a theme party, it’s a party with our close friends just in case the Mayans, er, the extreme rapture ready crowd, is right. Here’s hoping they are!

Humanity has had a good run. Whether 100 billion years or 6,000, we’ve been around long enough. Things are really starting to go down the tube anyway. I personally feel like I’ve had a good run too. I’ve been faithful, given all I can, and am tired of being a punching bag for those who don’t understand the tenants of a bridge builder (which will be discussed in an upcoming series). Thus, it’s time to go out in a blaze of glory!

So tonight I hope you join me in celebrating your life, have some fun with friends and family, and keep you fingers crossed that the Mayans were right. Hope to not see you tomorrow…

What are your thoughts about the end of the world? Do you want it to come in your lifetime?

Much love.

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