Worthwhile Reads: A doctor urges civil disobedience

Worthwhile Reads: A doctor urges civil disobedience March 21, 2012

A doctor expresses his outrage over transvaginal ultrasound bills and other recent anti-abortion legislation from his perspective as a physician and urges his fellow doctors to respond to these laws by not complying.

I do not feel that it is reactionary or even inaccurate to describe an unwanted, non-indicated transvaginal ultrasound as “rape”. If I insert ANY object into ANY orifice without informed consent, it is rape. And coercion of any kind negates consent, informed or otherwise.

In all of the discussion and all of the outrage and all of the Doonesbury comics, I find it interesting that we physicians are relatively silent.

After all, it’s our hands that will supposedly be used to insert medical equipment (tools of HEALING, for the sake of all that is good and holy) into the vaginas of coerced women.

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