Worthwhile Reads: The Men of Christian Patriarchy

Worthwhile Reads: The Men of Christian Patriarchy April 26, 2012

It seems so often that what is written about Christian Patriarchy focuses on the women, being both written by women and written about the problems this ideology and lifestyle brings to women. (Lisa of Broken Daughters wrote a post recently hypothesizing on why that might be.) Today I want to point you to a couple of posts looking at the male perspective and the male experience.

For Christian Patriarchy’s effects on men, see Complementarian Teachings Hurt Men Too, by Darcy of Darcy’s Heart Stirrings

For a male perspective, see the series Joe of Incongruous Circumspection has been writing debunking Bill Gothard’s marriage manual for wives:


Part 1a

Part 1b – Women? Goals? Who are YOU kidding?

Part 1c – Men are fragile, women are manipulative fools

Part 1d – Husbands are omniscient and wives MUST give sex

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