Tip Jar and a Holiday Giving Opportunity

Tip Jar and a Holiday Giving Opportunity December 5, 2012

A while back, I mentioned that using a google reader doesn’t give my blog page views. Since I get paid for blogging based on how many page views I get, I suggested that those of you who use readers therefore might want to consider clicking through from time to time. At the time, one reader emailed me asking if I might consider setting up a “tip jar” so that google reader readers could contribute a little something without having to click through. Well, I’ve finally figured out how to do that.

If you look in my right sidebar, you’ll see a “donate” button.

I tried to figure out how to announce the existence of a tip jar without sounding like I’m asking for money, but I couldn’t. Feel free to “tip” me if you like, but don’t feel obligated in any way, shape, or form. I do get paid by Patheos, I’m not in dire financial straights, and I write because I enjoy it, not simply to get paid.

And now the fun part! In the process of figuring out how to set up the tip jar button, I also learned how to set up donation buttons for specific causes. I plan to use that knowledge to set up specific donation campaigns from time to time, and I already have one to start off with.

See, it’s the Christmas season, and Christmas puts me in the mood for giving back to others. When I was a child we always put together shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child. Each was filled with toys, treats, and a gospel tract, and they were then distributed to children in third world countries. Of course, I would now prefer to avoid religious charities, or, more specifically, charities that proselytize.

So I’ve looked around for a local cause I want to give to, and I’ve found one rather closer to home than I had expected. You see, childcare workers are woefully underpaid (it’s part of the undervaluing of maternal labor), and that unfortunately includes the workers at Sally’s daycare. Many of their families often scrape by on extremely low incomes. I’ve known this for a while and have wanted to do something about it, however small. I now have a chance to, because some of the parents at Sally’s daycare have gotten together to purchase gift cards for the staff and their families in time for Christmas, and I’ve been invited to participate.

If you haven’t found a Christmas giving opportunity that suits you, please consider using the button below to contribute to purchasing gift cards for the caregivers at Sally’s daycare:

Conversely, feel free use the comments to mention other holiday giving opportunities that you have found, and provide links if you like. The more ways we have to help those around us the better!

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