Forward Thinking: A Values Development Project

Forward Thinking: A Values Development Project January 7, 2013

I am excited to announce the creation of a new blogging series: Forward Thinking: A Values Development Project, created in collaboration with fellow Patheos blogger Dan Fincke of Camels with Hammers. It is our hope that this series will serve as an invitation to readers and fellow bloggers big and small to participate in forming values and grappling with thorny questions. 

Like many other bloggers, I spend most of my time criticizing the ideas of others – toxic religious beliefs, patriarchal gender roles, the elevation of virginity, and the agenda of the religious right – and comparatively less time building positive alternatives. While it’s critical to contest values and ideas we find harmful, it’s also important to build up positive alternatives, and it’s that understanding that birthed Forward Thinking.

Here are some samples of the types of issues we hope to cover:

What Advice Would You Give Teens About Sex?

What Are Our Obligations To Our Elderly Parents?

What Moral Issues Surround Bringing Children into the World?

On the first Monday of each month I will offer a prompt and invite input from readers and fellow bloggers alike. Two weeks later, on the third Monday, I will post a round-up of responses, complete with links and short excerpts from blog posts and especially insightful comments, and direct readers to Dan Finke’s blog, where he will post the next prompt. Then, on the first Monday of the following month, Dan will post a round-up of responses and direct readers back to my blog for the following prompt. In this way we will cover two prompts per month, one on each blog.

Now it’s your turn. What suggestions do you have for future prompts? What ideas and issues would you like to see Forward Thinking tackle? The first prompt – What Does Civic Responsibility Mean to You? – has already been posted, so head over there and share your thoughts!

And if someone wants to develop a better banner for the project, let me know!

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