Help Sharon Win a Scholarship!

Help Sharon Win a Scholarship! April 24, 2014
I recently received an email from Sharon, who has a request. She would like you to vote for her in order to help her win a scholarship. It’s easy—just click through and vote for her essay. Below is Sharon’s email.

Hi Libby Anne! 

I’m an ATI student survivor.  I didn’t attend college back when I was 18 because it was all but forbidden by Gothard.  I’m finally out of the cult (as I now realize it is) and working hard at putting my life together.  College is something I know I need to do, so I’m trying to get as many scholarships as I can to help me through.  I currently work two jobs just to survive, and will likely have to continue to do so while going to school.

I left home at age 35; I’m 40 now.  I’ve been trying seriously for two years to get to college.  I really want to find a way to make it work this fall.

This scholarship would help a lot if I won. . But I need at least 5,000, preferably 10,000 votes just to have a chance.  One of my friends suggested I ask you to help promote my essay.  Voting ends April 30, just 7 days away.  I have exhausted all my resources for sharing it, and my friends are actively sharing it, which has resulted in another 138 votes in two days.  But that won’t get me to 5,000 or 10,000 in time.   

Would you be willing to help?

Thank you!


For what it’s worth, I very much approve of Sharon’s essay topic. Asked what she would teach if she could teach everyone in the world one thing, she wrote about empathy.

To vote, click the link here or the button below.

Help me win a $10,000 college scholarship. Vote for my essay!

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