WiFi could make you sick – what one mom did about it UPDATED

WiFi could make you sick – what one mom did about it UPDATED May 21, 2015


On May 6, I wrote about a California mother and teacher who discovered that she and her daughter had a sensitivity to WiFi that was literally making them sick. 

Now, a New York woman, Suzanne Hoyt, has developed a sensitivity to WiFi that is causing symptoms of “headaches, perspiration, pain in my jaws and my heart. It’s like physical expansion of the heart,” she said.

Hoyt further described it as being “like a deep burning sensation in my face, in my nose, my jaw, it was like a deep burning sensation.”

Environmental Scientist Dr. David Carpenter is an expert on WiFi’s effects, and he believes that WiFi sensitivity is real, and not a psychological phenomenon. According to Dr. Carpenter, WiFi sensitivity is a significant problem for about 5 per cent of the population.

“There is a body of evidence that is strong. it’s not 100 percent understood, but it’s strong evidence that this is a real syndrome that causes real harm to real people,” he said.

Perhaps it’s not time to dump all our wireless routers, but it is time to take note of the rising number of cases of WiFi sensitivity and to be open to the possibility that we or those we love may be adversely affected by WiFi without realizing it.

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