Feds picking and choosing who to protect and it’s NOT Trump voters

Feds picking and choosing who to protect and it’s NOT Trump voters November 21, 2016

In the wake of November’s election, President Obama’s Education Secretary John B. King Jr. has told university leaders to protect students, so they aren’t harassed or made to feel excluded and intimidated, but something tells me he doesn’t mean Donald Trump supporters.

According to Inside Higher Ed, King addressed the Association of Public and Land-grant Universities annual meeting and noted how the election has left “many of our students feeling vulnerable:”

King said that all students, regardless of race, gender, nationality, sexual orientation or gender identity, deserve to be treated with respect. Higher education leaders need to send “a clear message” that campuses will not tolerate harassment, that “diversity is a value” and that they will “respond aggressively to places where safety is violated,” he said.

King added in other remarks that “our democracy does not always produce leaders with the right judgment” and that is clearly directed toward President-elect Trump.

With that in mind, we’ve seen how the majority of liberal college students are handling the outcome of the election. Besides breaking down in a lump of helpless tears, they are protesting and using all sorts of intimidation to silence their fellow students who supported Trump and yet, they are the protected class in the eyes of this administration. Would King have made the same urgent call if Hillary Clinton had been elected? It’s hard to believe that he would. But could you imagine the reaction from the Obama administration if conservative students were the ones starting fires in trash cans, shutting down freeways, or busting out windows with baseball bats because the election didn’t go their way?

There can be only one conclusion: King may have said “all students, ” but he doesn’t mean it.

For the final word, here’s Instapundit’s take on the matter:

Note that the government has now decided to come to the aid of certain people, even if nothing at all has happened to them. Now, the only requirement is that the protected class “feel” something. This feeling may even be entirely without cause. The important thing is that certain protected people must not be made to “feel” bad, no matter how irrational such a feeling is.

Of course, this protection does not extend to unprotected classes, such as Trump voters, who were too scared to tell people they were voting for Trump. No, they are an unprotected class.

And don’t think that’s by accident.

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