Sweden tried “feminist snow removal” and got exactly what it deserved

Sweden tried “feminist snow removal” and got exactly what it deserved November 21, 2016

Quick! What’s the first thing you think of when snow needs to be removed from the streets? Feminism. What?! That’s not what came to mind?!

It did in Sweden and it was a disaster — a hilarious disaster.

A few geniuses from the progressive Green Party felt the snow removal system in the country was too male-centric and wanted a more “gender equal” strategy employed. So, instead of clearing the roads in the business districts where the men work, the snow trucks were ordered to plow near schools, sidewalks, and bike paths which the women were more likely use. And the results were just as expected, that is, if you’re not the Green Party in Sweden.

HeatStreet provided the details of what happened after a blinding snowfall this last week:

[M]ain roads – were clogged up for longer, and it became impossible to get around.

Public transport failed, traffic piled up and injuries requiring a hospital visit reportedly spiked.

The disaster struck despite a $270,000 increase in this year’s snow removal budget meant to help the new system succeed.

And still, a week later, city buses aren’t back to normal schedule and public transportation passengers are readying lawsuits. In defense of its own disastrous plan, the progressive Greens suggest the plan wasn’t executed properly. But the damage is done and the party has become a laughing stock, as HeatStreet noted:

Even liberal publications like Stockholm’s Dagens Nyheter published  this mocking listicle of “9 alternatives to feminist snow removal”, including Satanic snow removal (“melt the snow with burning crosses”) and Neoliberal snow removal (“the invisible hand of the market will move it”).

Though this story is satisfying on an entertainment level, this is exactly what happens when big government and liberalism meet and THAT’s not funny at all.

Click CONTINUE to watch the policy in action:

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  • Flashbackjack

    Name one city or country run by liberals that is not a pit of corruption and failure.

    • jebor

      Come-on liberals, just one ?

      • DefiantDeity

        Watch out they will lie and claim California is now a booming economy.

        • Its booms for like 100,000 people. The rest of us are slaves. California is horrible with zero quality of life. The weather and food is nice but all else is hell.

  • 0bsoleteMan

    Leftism fails again? Only on days that end in Y!

  • mark white

    Liberals need an island, not a nice one, to move to to practice their policies and liberalism. They will be dead in a month, if not a week.

    • mem da mem

      what do you mean by “not a nice one”?

      give them an island as good as the garden of eden (from christianity) and they’ll still fail

  • PaulMurrayCbr

    Why not make the women shovel their own damn snow? Wouldn’t that be more feminist?

    • Verk

      Not Swedish women, oh no. Feminism there is all about poncy middle-class posturing and high standards of living. The actual rough work is done by the poor and the dark. That’s why Swedish ponces insist on protecting Islam and its idiotic superstitions. That way, the dumb darkie knows his place and will keep on cleaning the toilets while the feminists drink wine and congratulate themselves for their heroic posturing.

  • AlwaysReason

    “Feminist snow clearing” in a country where just as many men pick up kids on bikes would be beyond stupid. What are they going to do, try to discern which 2 inches of the bike path is used by women and clear only those? Of course they didn’t do that, because it makes no sense. They just had the worst storm in a 100 years and got jams, just like any US city with tons of snow fall would get shut down. You’ve got to be a special kind of ignorant to believe this story. But then I read the comment section – holy shit. Is self-deception a fucking national sport in the US?