College STEM Studies are Divorcing Themselves from the Softer, Radical Social Sciences — Good Riddance!

College STEM Studies are Divorcing Themselves from the Softer, Radical Social Sciences — Good Riddance! March 28, 2018

Steven Hayward, of Powerline Blog, has been talking about how universities will soon experience a division into two entities—the STEM fields (i.e., business and economics) and the social sciences and humanities.  After noting that humanities departments have declined by two-thirds since around 1980, he predicted how this will all play out:

I think we’re already seeing the beginnings of a de facto divorce of universities, in which the STEM fields and other “practical” disciplines essentially split off from the humanities and social sciences, not to mention the more politicized departments.

At this rate eventually many of our leading research universities will bifurcate into marginal fever swamps of radicalism whose majors will be unfit for employment at Starbucks, and a larger campus dedicated to science and technology education.

In the end, Leftists always, and I must emphasize “always” eat themselves.  It is the necessary end of every form of leftism… which, at its root, is Marxism.  The phenomenon is occurring at a rapidly increasing pace on university campuses around the country, as the swamps of politically correct “studies” departments and the liberal arts which have been sadly consumed by progressive insanity, separate from the practical STEM departments.  STEM departments generally rely upon a connection to reality, which is not found in the humanities these days.

Lo and behold, if this isn’t already happening:

Well, now we have some concrete evidence of this crackup starting to happen. The University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point campus announced last week that it intends to cut 13 majors from the humanities and social sciences. Inside Higher Ed reports:

Programs pegged for closure are American studies, art (excluding graphic design), English (excluding English for teacher certification), French, geography, geoscience, German, history (excluding social science for teacher certification), music literature, philosophy, political science, sociology and Spanish.

Godspeed to the crack-up of higher ed in America.  Even if all the humanities departments are completely destroyed, it can only improve our culture.

Hat Tip: Powerline Blog

Image Credit: U.S. Air Force photo/Airman 1st Class Mozer O. Da Cunha

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