Want to Learn the Latest Dumb, Offensive PC Phrase? Petro-Masculinity

Want to Learn the Latest Dumb, Offensive PC Phrase? Petro-Masculinity July 9, 2018

A feminist professor at Virginia Tech University is speaking out about fossil fuels, because leftists literally relate everything to sexual identity politics.  Everything.

Virginia Tech professor Cara Daggett’s warning came after Donald Trump was elected — she warned that fossil fuels create a warped sense of “masculine identity” and “authoritarianism” among men. Her essay “Petro-masculinity: Fossil Fuels and Authoritarian Desire” explains her thoughts on the matter:

“Petro-masculinity, like fossil fuel systems, arguably has global dimensions,” Daggett asserts. “However, like other masculinities, petro-masculinity should be understood as manifesting in multiple, and locally specific, ways. Petro-masculinity approaches masculinity as a socially constructed identity that emerges ‘within a gender order that defines masculinity in opposition to femininity, and in so doing, sustains a power relation between men and women as groups.”

In other words, “hegemonic masculinity” is the a thing of the past, but the new kind is due to fossil fuel consumption.  Yes, really.

Campus Reform has the details:

Petro-masculinity, she claims, ultimately aims “to defend the endangered status quo, entrenching the petrocultures that have historically propped up Anglo-European fossil-burning men.”

“In this context, burning fossil fuels can come to function as a knowingly violent experience, a reassertion of white masculine power on an unruly planet that is perceived to be increasingly in need of violent, authoritarian order,” Daggett argues.

According to the professor, men’s desire to burn fossil fuels can also explain the concept of misogyny.

“Fossil-fuelled life has always been violent,” she says, later adding that “fossil violence” should “also be appreciated as a misogynist tactic, if we follow Kate Manne to think of misogyny not as an individual belief—the hatred of women—but instead as a set of practices.”


I’m so sick and tired of this “toxic masculinity” meme, no matter what their supposed causes, no matter how many polysyllabic words they put in their social speculation.

Here’s the best tweet on the topic that I can possibly imagine.  Obianuju Ekeocha is an African woman who witnessed the incredible bravery of  Sgt. Major Saman Gunan, who died in his effort to rescue a boys soccer team trapped in a cave in northern Thailand.

Exactly.  I know Ekeocha’s tweet won’t end up in any academic papers, mainly because you can understand it, and it’s truthful.  But the next time you hear feminists criticizing men, think of Sgt. Major Saman Gunan and the men like him who make this world great…  by the sheer force of their courage and strength.

Image Credit: TedTalk

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