God have mercy on both victim and murderer

God have mercy on both victim and murderer May 31, 2009

George Tiller was shot to death in church this morning. He was a monster who justified what he did by the good ends he claimed he was aiming for.

In that, he was a kindred spirit with the person who murdered him.

In our present cultural climate, it is quite possible that the man who did this just murdered the pro-life movement. It won’t take much more for Caesar to decide that not all terrorists are Islamic and begin to strip prolifers of the protections of law “to keep us safe”. He would be wrong, of course, to do it. But fools who are inclined to cheer for (or, more commonly, makes excuses for) this act of evil should bear in mind the fact that it doesn’t much matter if Caesar is wrong when he owns all the guns, police, and prisons.

I sometimes fear that one of the only consolations of my old age will be sitting in a jail cell as a “suspected prolife theocratic extremist” with other innocent Christians who formerly cheered for consequentialism and saying, “Toldja so.”

“If anyone has an urge to kill someone at an abortion clinic, they should shoot me. … It’s madness. It discredits the right-to-life movement. Murder is murder. It’s madness. You cannot prevent killing by killing.” – John Cardinal O’Connor

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