41 Senators…

41 Senators… December 26, 2011

need to lose their jobs for attempting to reduce their subjects constituents to absolute and total naked defenselessness before an almighty and irresistible Leviathan who can jail them forever, without charge, and keep them there even when civil courts declare them not guilty.

I think Chris Sparks, while on the right track, is too lenient. Actually, 93 Senators need to lose their jobs (for passing SB 1867). So do the whole lot in the House who voted for it. And so does the President who promised to veto it but then changed his mind when it gave him the draconian power he wanted. You no longer live in a free country because Caesar can, on his omnipotent will alone, strip you of habeas corpus and lock you up forever while declaring you a terrorist and depriving you of the right to prove your innocence. The traitors to our Constitution who did this should also be tried for treason.

Instead, they will all live to a ripe old age–full of money and corruption, shielded by their riches and power from the ruin they have visited on their country, deaf to the cries of their subjects constituents, blind to the folly of their tyranny–and die in their beds like the Richard Riches they all are.

But God sees.

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