Marc Barnes understands that…

Marc Barnes understands that… December 26, 2011

(to paraphrase Chesterton) “Morality, like art, consists of drawing the line somewhere.”

The removal of all moral boundaries leads, not to liberation, but to tedium. You start doing more and more outrageous things in an effort to stab the nerve back to life (which basically explains Lady Gaga’s whole schtick).

In the end, your arrive at insensibility, not freedom. And well before then, you arrive at the great truth Chesterton warns of: When you get rid of the Big Law, you don’t get freedom. You don’t even get anarchy. You get the small laws. If you cannot govern the behavior of your crotch, you will soon live in culture of micromanagement that attempts to govern everyone’s smallest looks, gestures, and words as potential “sexual harrassment”. Six year olds will be arrested as “harrassers” on playgrounds because a critical mass of 26 year old boy-men could not keep it in their pants or treat women with respect.

Solution: return to the Big Laws and ask God to write them on your heart so that Caesar will not have to write millions of small laws and post them next to the surveillance cameras and taser or pepper spray you when you fail to kowtow to some power drunk agent of the police state.

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