Good News! No need for an election now!

Good News! No need for an election now! February 9, 2012

Bishop Eddie Long is our New King! Vivat Rex!

Here is some video of the coronation ceremony:

Meanwhile, sober truly orthodox, really Real Catholic [TM] opinion, while affirming that the United States must become a monarchy, reminds us that in a truly true free society only Catholics should be allowed a voice:

Of course, the notion that only people in a state of grace (“virtuous people”) should be allowed to participate in government used to be known as “Lollardy” and was actually condemned as a heresy. But times have changed since the Second Vatican Council and now we can speak of people who envision a right to “food, education and clothes” as “parasites” and “a cancer that must be eliminated”, not as “the least of these”. And we can look back to those glorious days of yesteryear when all monarchs were always virtuous Catholics, and forward to the vision of a time when we are all under the firm bootheel of a “benevolent dictatorship” led by somebody like Michael Voris, who knows what is best for all of us.

Meanwhile, the Prophet Chesterton remains full of common sense in the face of this fascist vision masquerading as “Real Catholicism”:

This is the first principle of democracy: that the essential things in men are the things they hold in common, not the things they hold separately. And the second principle is merely this: that the political instinct or desire is one of these things which they hold in common. Falling in love is more poetical than dropping into poetry. The democratic contention is that government (helping to rule the tribe) is a thing like falling in love, and not a thing like dropping into poetry. It is not something analogous to playing the church organ, painting on vellum, discovering the North Pole (that insidious habit), looping the loop, being Astronomer Royal, and so on. For these things we do not wish a man to do at all unless he does them well. It is, on the contrary, a thing analogous to writing one’s own love-letters or blowing one’s own nose. These things we want a man to do for himself, even if he does them badly. I am not here arguing the truth of any of these conceptions; I know that some moderns are asking to have their wives chosen by scientists, and they may soon be asking, for all I know, to have their noses blown by nurses. I merely say that mankind does recognize these universal human functions, and that democracy classes government among them. In short, the democratic faith is this: that the most terribly important things must be left to ordinary men themselves–the mating of the sexes, the rearing of the young, the laws of the state. This is democracy; and in this I have always believed.

The reason it is dangerous for the anointers of Folk Heros to perpetually insist about people like Voris that “While he may be a bit abrasive, you have to admit he has never said anything unorthodox” is this:

It is false. It is not “orthodox” to insist on Catholic dictatorship. It is Michael Voris’ highly subjective opinion, pretending to be Church teaching, and leading astray thousands of Catholics who mistake “the teaching of the Church” for “whatever damn fool thing Michael Voris says”. It is dangerously unorthodox to speak of the mass of humanity as “parasites” and a “cancer”. It is, however, highly orthodox 19th century social Darwinism.

We currently have God King on the throne of the United States. We do not need Catholics to imitate his hubris and arrogance. We need Catholics who will imitate the humility of the Son of God.

Stop anointing Folk Heros (including me, by the way) as alternative magisteria. Listen to the Church. In essential things, unity; in doubtful things, (i.e. most political matters), liberty; in all things, charity.

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